Matt Beiswenger
Software Developer
I'm a design-focused software developer currently building products at TopBloc
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Here's what I've been up to recently
Ran 4.6 miles
1 day ago
Distance4.6 mi
Time54m 58s
Pace11:56 / mi
Ran 2.4 miles
2 days ago
Distance2.4 mi
Time24m 45s
Pace10:18 / mi
Ran 3.36 miles
3 months ago
Distance3.36 mi
Time44m 53s
Pace13:21 / mi
Ran 3.26 miles
3 months ago
Distance3.26 mi
Time40m 10s
Pace12:19 / mi
Ran 2.31 miles
4 months ago
Distance2.31 mi
Time29m 28s
Pace12:45 / mi
Ran 1.12 miles
4 months ago
Distance1.12 mi
Time13m 31s
Pace12:04 / mi
Ran 3.63 miles
4 months ago
Distance3.63 mi
Time39m 29s
Pace10:52 / mi
Ran 2.22 miles
5 months ago
Distance2.22 mi
Time22m 51s
Pace10:17 / mi
Ran 3.25 miles
5 months ago
Distance3.25 mi
Time33m 21s
Pace10:15 / mi
Ran 3.4 miles
7 months ago
Distance3.4 mi
Time31m 40s
Pace9:18 / mi
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